side income hobby business

Making Side Income: Turn Your Hobby Into A Business!

There are people out there who have a job but do not like what they're doing. They look forward to finishing work so that...
what fresh graduates need to do to get a job

Job Hunting Checklist: What Fresh Graduates Need to Do to Get A Job

If you’re reading this and you just graduated, congratulations on getting through the grueling years of college. Your first thought right now would be...
top law firm malaysia corporate law m&a

Top 6 Law Firms in Malaysia For Corporate And M&A

The law field plays a huge role to this date to provide a foundation of rules to the society. There are various legal markets...
girl with phone stress social media ruin your career

Can Your Social Media Ruin Your Career?

Love it or hate it, social media is a powerful Internet tool that is here to stay. However, some people still fail to realize...
how to secure an internship through linkedin

6 Steps On How to Secure an Internship On LinkedIn

As a college/university student, how do you ensure that you're able to secure an internship on LinkedIn? It is indeed one of the most...
young girl asian typing on laptop how to write a good cv

How To Write A Good CV In 2021 To Get More Job Interviews

You might find yourself thinking, “I’ve sent out hundreds of job applications and yet, I still can’t manage to secure one.” While it is...
resume job interview to get hired in 2021

The Best Time to Apply for Jobs: How to Get Hired In 2021

It’s the beginning of a new year. The pandemic is still at an all-time-high but Hiring Managers have just received their new hiring budgets...
pursuing a master's degree people studying on floor

4 Things You Must Consider Before Pursuing a Master’s Degree

It has now reached the final term of your university life. Your stress level is high, your all-nighter mentality is at it’s peak and...

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The ICAEW ACA: Your Passport to a Truly Global Career Recognised Across 190 Countries

The working landscape in recent years is becoming more competitive than ever before. Today, we need more than just an undergraduate degree if we...
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Going Above and Beyond: From Management Associate to Head of Department

Meet Calvin Poon, one of the youngest Head of Departments in Great Eastern Malaysia, who is currently leading the Product Pricing team of the...
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Quick and Easy TikTok Food Hacks for When You’re Working from Home

A wise person once said: Do not click on TikTok if you don’t want to be stuck in a blackhole, where minutes turn into...