My Experience in CIMB Group Commercial Banking

joey lim cimbHi guys, I’m Joey Lim and I graduated with Bachelor of Commerce (Finance & Economics) and joined CIMB through The Complete Banker Programme. With vast experience and resourceful insights, our Group HR were invaluable in helping to shape me into the professional working field. Rotating to different departments had tested my adaptability and agility.

I’ve landed my permanent position with Group Commercial Banking as a business banking relationship manager. Group Commercial Banking has been a very good platform to build my network whether it’s from internal or external stakeholders which in turn has improved my communication skills as well. Communication was also one of biggest challenges in getting the loan approval whereby we need to manage customer’s expectation and at the same time negotiating terms with our internal stakeholders to obtain credit approval.

There is a lot of exposure to various industries /sectors in Malaysia that we could learn from customers with different business background such as oil & gas, construction, logistics, fast moving consumer goods and many more. It is very interesting to understand each and every business model in the market not limited to just Malaysia but regionally. It is an awesome journey in gaining market knowledge as well learning part and parcel about legal process/documentation and property valuation that will be relatively useful by using these knowledge effectively.

In a nutshell, I enjoyed my working environment with fun and helpful colleagues despite the work load. My superiors always encourage self-development which is what the new generation requires. Nonetheless, hard work (with results) is recognized and rewarded at CIMB.

Learning never stops in CIMB.

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