2019 Welcome Note from Dato’ Hamidah

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Dear Scholars,

Just wanted to drop a short note to wish you all Happy New Year! I hope you had a good break over the year-end holidays and have resumed your semester and are raring to go!

As you would have read, we have reached the end of our T18 strategic plan and are now at the beginning of our next 5-year strategy, aptly called Forward 23. Our Group CEO, Tengku Dato’ Zafrul has shared that Forward 23 will help future-proof CIMB and will revolve around us focusing on Customer Centricity, Sustainability, Ventures & Partnerships, Technology & Data and last but not least People. We will be sharing more details with you over the next few issues.

While I know that your key mission as a CIMB scholar is to do well in your studies and get good grades, I strongly urge you to expand your knowledge beyond your chosen field of study. If you are studying finance, find out more about what’s happening in the technology arena. If you are studying computing science, take electives in economics and finance. Having additional knowledge is never a waste. Furthermore, when you know more, you become more agile. In today’s world, being agile and adaptable is key to doing well.

I wish you a good year and hope to catch up with you soon.

Take care,


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