The ICAEW ACA: Your Passport to a Truly Global Career Recognised Across 190 Countries

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The working landscape in recent years is becoming more competitive than ever before. Today, we need more than just an undergraduate degree if we intend to differentiate ourselves from our peers when applying for high-quality jobs. Although there are many ways for us to enhance our employability, one of the best ways to get ahead as a young professional is to obtain a global qualification. Enter the ICAEW ACA programme.

The ICAEW ACA is a highly respected and globally recognised professional qualification in the field of finance, accounting and business. As a world leader in the accountancy and finance profession, ICAEW currently has over 6,000 authorised training employers who are global organisations with offices worldwide. This comes to show that the ACA qualification enables you to build a truly international career across various industries and countries.

We recently spoke to two ICAEW ACA students from Indonesia, who shared their perspectives on the value of obtaining the ACA qualification and how it has empowered them to build international careers outside of Indonesia.


Andy Tjia, currently working at PwC UK, shares insights on his ACA journey and how young Indonesian students can build an international career with a professional qualification

icaew aca andy tjia portrait1. Can you briefly share with us your day-to-day job at PwC UK? Additionally, what do you like about your role?

I am currently working as a Banking and Capital Markets Senior Associate at PwC UK. External Audit in the UK varies from role to role, as you are required to do more than just auditing a set of company financial statements. Your scope of work will depend on how you design your career path and communicate your interests to your team.

In my case, my day-to-day role mainly revolves around performing financial statement analysis and due diligence to understand a company’s financial performance and business environment. Additionally, I am tasked to coach the junior associates and also liaise between between the client and engagement team to ensure that expectations are aligned.

What I like most about my job is the amount of client interaction that I have been exposed to since I joined the company. This is where my ACA training really helped as professionalism and effective communication are among the core elements within the programme.


2. What are career goals and how will being an ICAEW ACA will help you achieve future plans and enhance your career prospects?

With my ACA qualification, I hope to be able to move into an M&A advisory role at one of the Big 4 firms in the UK. I believe the prestige and recognition of being an ACA will facilitate my transition into investment banking.

One thing I realised is that completing your ACA qualification will also greatly enhance your employability, which will naturally lead to being approached by many recruiters with interesting career opportunities due to your invaluable skillsets as a trained professional.


3. What tips can you share with other Indonesian students who aspire to build a career in the field of accoutancy, finance, and business?

Two things come into mind, especially for those new into the workforce:

  • Build your professional network early – Speak with people who are already in the industry that you’re trying to get into. This will help you build valuable connections and decide on which organisation to join.
  • Build employability skills from university – Instead of just focusing on your studies, try to actively join societies or pursue internships. While achieving a perfect GPA is great, it is simply not enough. In fact, most top employers today seek graduates who can demonstrate other leadership skills through extra-curricular involvements.


Christie Grace, currently working at KPMG Malaysia, shares why she chose ICAEW ACA over others and how it will prepare her for the continuously evolving industry

icaew aca christie grace portrait1. What inspired you to pursue the ICAEW ACA programme, even though you have already graduated with a university degree?

I believe that the ICAEW ACA qualification is one of the world’s most prestigious professional qualification for chartered accountants. This is why qualifying as an ICAEW Chartered Accountant (ACA) will inevitably open doors to various career opportunities across a vast range of organisations around the world. Additionally, the highly-relevant and certified skillset obtained through the ACA training will enhance my career advancement in the long-term.


2. What practical skills did you gain through your ACA training that you were not exposed in university and how do you believe the ICAEW ACA will help you achieve your future career goals?

The ACA training is a combination of accountancy knowledge and real-world experience. On top of providing in-depth accounting and finance knowledge, the ACA programme also enhanced my technical skillset, encourage critical thinking, and provided me with valuable exposure to real business experiences and environments.

It is not uncommon to see chartered accountants holding influential positions due to their ability to help companies achieve their financial and strategic goals through their knowledge and professional training. I also aspire to be a business leader and trusted advisor within a prestigious firm, I believe that having the ICAEW ACA qualification will be valuable in building the bridge towards my future goals.


3. In one sentence, what would you say is the greatest benefit of having the ICAEW ACA qualification?

The ACA qualification is a globally recognised professional qualification shaping talented, ethical and committed professionals who are highly valued in the complex global economy.


Ready to Empower Your Career with a Globally Recognised Professional Qualification? Learn More about the ICAEW ACA!

If you’re considering to pursue the ICAEW ACA to empower your professional career aspirations like Andy and Christie, contact ICAEW Indonesia via:

It’s worth noting that you don’t actually need an accounting or finance background to pursue the ICAEW ACA.


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