Meet the Elite Students Selected to Represent Indonesia at the Inaugural ICAEW Virtual Internship Programme

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Over the past few months, the way of working has indeed transformed. Businesses are increasingly encouraging their workforce to work with online communication tools and softwares to reduce the need for physical meetings. In light of the new normal, ICAEW recently introduced the ICAEW Virtual Internship, a prestigious international programme designed to prepare the chosen few for the future of work.

A new initiative by ICAEW, this virtual internship will cover a range of business projects, CFAB modules, professional development ladder assessments, and many more relevant content for university students to develop career-ready skills. The selected internship participants will be placed in groups and get the opportunity to work with interns from other parts of the world. There will also be a mentor assigned to each group to provide support, give advice, and monitor their progress throughout the programme through regular virtual meet ups.

The first cohort of the ICAEW virtual internship programme were handpicked to represent their country and their internship commenced on 7th September 2020. Amongst them, two outstanding students from Indonesia were selected to participate in this international internship programme. We had the chance to speak with them to get their views and what they hope to gain from the internship.

Kennily Kho from Universitas Internasional Batam shares her views on the ICAEW Virtual Internship programme

icaew kennily kho portrait1. Why did you apply for the ICAEW Virtual Internship Programme?

It is purely out of curiosity since virtual internship is definitely not a common thing in Indonesia. Apart from having the opportunity to gain valuable experience and get to know like-minded individuals from different countires, I believe this virtual internship will also give me the chance to stand out and differentiate myself from my peers given the prestige of the programme.


2. What skills or knowledge do you hope to gain from joining the Virtual Internship Programme?

Most importantly, time management to help me carry out my 9-to-5 job while participating in this internship programme. I am looking forward to develop efficient time management skills along with effective communication, stakeholder management, and organization skills through the many group projects that I will partake throughout the internship.


3. Who do you look up to for inspiration and what are your future career aspiration?

Over the years, Merry Riana has been one of my biggest inspiration. Her undying spirit and persistence towards achieving her goals really inspired me to create a better version of myself. Ultimately, I aspire to build a business closely related to my skill set, which is accountancy and visual marketing.


What Rio Ferdinand Kiantara from Universitas Indonesia has to say about earning a spot at the ICAEW Virtual Internship

icaew rio ferdinand portrait1. Why did you apply for the ICAEW Virtual Internship Programme?

I applied for the ICAEW Virtual Internship because I believe the programme will provide a platform for me to develop myself and increase my productivity amidst the uncertain era. I hope through this experience, I will be able to develop more career-ready skillsets that will improve my employability and add more value to businesses and the local economy in Indonesia.


2. What skills or knowledge do you hope to gain by joining the Virtual Internship Programme?

From what I understand from the programme structure, I believe I will be able to enhance my communication, leadership, and organisational skills, especially in a digital environment since the internship will be held virtually. Through collaboration with my peers and colleagues from across the globe, I also hope to gain valueable experiences that will better prepare me for a truly global career in the future.


3. What advice do you have for other university students in Indonesia who are interested to apply for the Virtual Internship Programme next year?

Always be open to opportunities. Try your best and never be afraid to fail because you only fail when you stop trying. Additionally, I encourage all Indonesian university students to prepare your CV according to the ICAEW tips and tricks that can be found on their website.


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