Top 10 Career Websites That ALL ASEAN Professionals Should Follow

Being a professional in the 2000s no longer seems to be an easy task task for Millennials, especially those from the Southeast Asia region where the employers have become way more aware of the standards expected from a professional. Therefore, staying distinguished and relevant, has become a key priority for all industrial professionals. It is also becoming more critical than ever to understand what it really takes to be a competent professional.

Taking advantage of technology and using the online resources to gain global exposure and perspective is one of the best ways professionals today can nurture their business acumen, expand their industry knowledge, seek more opportunities, and avoid the potential career pitfalls. The list below explores our pick for the top 10 career websites with highly relevant and insightful career content that are highly relevant for professionals in the ASEAN region.

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1. Glassdoor

glassdoor website homepage, like most other career platforms, allows the users to search jobs, upload CVs, create profiles and expand their professional network. A special feature of Glassdoor is its Companies and Reviews session that allows the visitors to give ratings and write anonymous reviews on companies. Glassdoor also highlights the salaries section that helps the candidates and employers to negotiate the compensation better and compare the salaries across thousands of companies. Glassdoor’s employer resources center is yet another premier platform for owners and recruiters to get access to differentiated products and services on consultation, job advertising and employer branding.



asean up website homepage is possibly one of the most exhaustive online archives to look for pretty much anything related to ASEAN business. Online ebooks and spreadsheets can be purchased at a reasonable price if a huge collection of statistical and research data made available to the public wouldn’t suffice for your next presentation or thesis. Aseanup is practically a great source of extensive reports for any ASEAN professionals focusing on research and journalism. It is also a helpful digital platform for anyone conducting a thorough research on ASEAN market to establish or incorporate new business opportunities into any part of Southeast Asia.


3. LinkedIn

linkedin website homepage

LinkedIn is a versatile professional networking platform that allows the candidates to craft their online presence and get exposed to potential employers while the employers can also browse through a vast pool of CVs to locate the suitable talents for their businesses. A LinkedIn account is a highly sought after online equivalent of a CV and its features allow the users to compile their experiences, skillsets, projects, achievements and certificates which can easily be shared with other users on the network. The users can scan through the newsfeed to get posted about other professionals’ activities, career news and articles. LinkedIn also has additional business products and services like LinkedIn learning which is a platform of immersive online courses dedicated to business, creativity and technology.


4. Upwork

upwork website homepage is one of the world’s largest freelancing platforms, supplying a vast pool of trusted experts for temporary roles and contract projects. Freelancers on Upwork are mostly highly experienced and endorsed professionals with a publicly open information on their rates, total salary earned and even the number of freelancing hours. Gig workers and freelancers can easily create their profile on Upwork to get started while employers can conveniently handpick the best suitors for any sort of project. The payment can also be made on a reliable and efficient platform integrated with global payment methods and official invoice reports.


5. ProspectsASEAN

prospectsasean website homepage

ProspectsASEAN is a publication platform led by Prospects, one of Southeast Asia’s best integrated employee solutions providers helping companies and businesses with such areas as employer branding, recruitment advertising and content marketing. The publication streamlines articles and reports on ASEAN’s trending industrial highlights, educational and career opportunities, advices and other tools conducive for personal and professional development of students, graduates and young professionals. PropectsASEAN’s UpClose series is yet another section of the publication dedicated to the voices and opinions of ASEAN’s most credible and successful leaders trailblazing Southeast Asia’s various professional industries.


6. Experience

experience website homepage is a blog owned by Simplicity which is a one-stop solution provider for higher educational institutions, government bodies, businesses and individuals. It is an ultimate stockpile of career advice with meticulously sectioned articles for both students and professionals. The blog covers 5 major categories, Grad School, Job Search, Careers, Employers and Professional Development  along with more subcategories that can simplify the process of hunting career tips and make the work life navigation so much easier. Anyone else who wants to seek job opportunities, partnerships, services and support other than career advices are highly encouraged visit Simplicity itself, the parent website of


7. Dice

dice website homepage is a website dedicated to careers in technology. With over 81,500 job openings posted, Dice is an ultimate destination for anyone aiming to land a job in tech field. Job seekers can create a free account, upload their resume and apply to thousands of jobs in companies of all tiers. Employers can also post their jobs or screen the existing thousands of resumes to get just the right recruits. Dice’s Career Path is a specialized tool for any aspiring or mid-career tech professionals to plan out their next career trajectory based on their personal and professional experiences.

The website is also flourishing with articles tailored for both employers and employees as well as industrial insights with elaborate explanations on prominent areas in technology. Additionally, their very own Career Toolkit is a versatile bundle of thoroughly informative articles on constructing a perfect job application plan from how to craft a CV to how to ace an interview. Their Salary Predictor is also an important function for anyone who would like to have a brief idea of how much certain professions make and how their salaries compare.


8. eFinancial Careers 

efinancial careers website homepage is a platform specializing in finance, IT finance, banking and accounting. In addition to sourcing over 19,000 jobs filtered according to region, the website allows the job seekers to create their own profile, post their CV and optimize their account to remain searchable by potential employers.

The website also has a wide coverage on industrial news within the financial services industry as well as an additional column streamlining career advice for professionals, students and graduates. It also provides a range of products and services for recruiters from attracting and sourcing talents to promoting and engaging the employer brand. Recruiters can also choose to consult to industrial experts for more customized service packages.


9. Careers in Asia

careers in asia website homepage is one of the largest online recruiting and career websites in Asia with plenty of career opportunities across 25 Asian countries. It sources a broad-ranging array of career sectors from IT and marketing to sales and science. In addition to job posting and application features for candidates and recruiters, the recruitment summits are an integral segment of the  website that supplies biggest professional networking events and seminars that allow the recruiters to promote their brands and the candidates to score numerous job opportunities across Asia.


10. Work Coach Cafe

work coach cafe website homepage is a one stop destination for anyone seeking advice with careers and workplace. The website covers a range of career topics such as scoring an interview, writing a resume, identifying a passion for career and even dealing with stress at work. also compiles a good deal of resources on career transition for anyone considering a career switch. Despite the insightful coverage of career-related information, the website does not have multiple contributors or experts and most of the articles published are opinions of a single professional so if you’re looking for job opportunities or technical knowledge on a particular job industry, this may not be a site for you.

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